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Water Cooler Parts, Replacement Faucets and Accessories
  1. COOLER CLEAN SPRAY - Water Cooler Sanitizer - 2000

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    CoolerClean ® Spray has been developed specifically to hygienically clean the outside contact points of the water cooler. We recommend that you use it with every bottle change. Simply spray once on the bottle cap and neck, once on the waterguard and once into each faucet for an optimal results. Safe, Simple and Effective. CoolerClean is a product that consists only of harmless ingredients. This means that you are assured of using a product that has no risks whatsoever. Furthermore, CoolerClean is tasteless and odourless, which means that it leaves no taste or smell. 100ml spray bottle. We recommend that you place a bottle at every water cooler. Learn More
  2. Sunroc ® FM-1500 DWS - Water Factory 47-5574704 Replacement Water Filter Cartridge

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    Water Factory 47-5574704 FaucetMate Carbon Block Replacement Water Filter Cartridge. FM DWS 1500 Filter - Sunroc ® FM-1500 DWS Replacement Cartridge - 1,500 Gallon Capacity - Removes Taste, Odor And Sediment - Cysts Removal Up To 99.9% - Removes Lead Up To 98.9% - Simple And Sanitary Quick Change Cartridge For Your Sunroc Water Cooler. Learn More
  3. Water Cooler Cup Dispenser- Deluxe - 2000

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    Clear with Blue Tint - Looks great with the blue water bottles - Adjusts to cup size - mounts to water cooler or wall. Comes with attached flip top lid and mounting clip. 14" X 3 1/2". Holds all cone cups and up to 10 oz. flat bottom cups. C3165tbl. Real nice!! Learn More
  4. Replacement Bottled Water Cooler Faucet - POE & POU Coolers

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    As low as: $9.99
    Replacement Water Cooler Faucet - Faucet has 3/8" female threads and fits most popular coolers, including most Sunroc, Sunbeam and WaterBoy coolers. Available in blue, white or red. Red has child safety lock feature to help prevent burns. Fits most coolers. For coolers with male threads simply unscrew the faucet body and use the new valve on your old male threaded body. Learn More